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Product Review (submitted on August 24, 2017):
These are some of the first daily wear thongs I purchased last year. I was struggling to find a style of underwear that would best suit my needs for support. At Christmas my gf bought me a thong for a gag gift but I loved it. When I told her I really liked it she said if you like thongs wear them and be comfy.

Once she put my mind at ease that it's ok for men to wear thongs I hit the net to see what I could find. I stumbled upon JM and Skinz thongs and purchases a multi-pack. I have 9 now and wear them often for everyday, work, workout and swimming.

Yes, when I took a trip to Mexico I wanted to tan and swim in a thong and since they are double pouched there is enough material to keep your manhood supported and you can't tell the shape and religion of your member. The thongs held up perfectly. Other than a few envious nasty stares (thongs really do make your package look predominant) nobody noticed I was wearing underwear. I spent the week tanning and swimming and am happy I did.

Great product I hope one day JM will make a proper swim thong with drawstring.