A Family Affair

JM Fashions is a family-run business established over 35 years ago in Montreal. During this time, the company has designed and manufactured numerous men’s underwear collections known for their sophisticated, comfortable and modern design. Since its debut, the JM brand has distinguished itself by its bold design vision and its commitment to offer products that provide the best possible quality/price ratio. JM is among the world’s best known men’s underwear brands.

35 years after its creation, the JM label is now available worldwide. As important as the growth and prestige of the company, the company’s philosophy says it all: we treat our customers and employees like friends and maintaining those relationships is the most important part of our business.

Revealing a Tradition of Excellence

With over thirty-five years of experience, the design team behind JM has become masters in the art of creating ultra-flattering fashions. Since 1981, JM has been revolutionizing the underwear industry for men with their breakthrough JM brand. The launch of the JM collection for women is an exciting, new step for the company… an elegant transition from menswear to women’s wear, from the inside out.

A Celebration of Local Talent

Throughout its evolution, and despite its rapid growth, JM has always valued the warm and rewarding relationship it shares with employees. It is a small team with a huge spirit. The seamstresses are practically part of the family – in fact, one has worked in the studio for over 20 years! This enduring loyalty shines through in JM’s steadfast promise to its customers: “True quality at affordable prices”.

This unique commitment to quality is evident in the detailed workmanship of each artisan. In an era of globalization, and the exodus of many manufacturers abroad, JM offers collections that are designed here in Montreal and manufactured by an exceptional local workforce.

We are extremely proud to make our garments here in Canada, as we have done for the past 35 years, This allows us to offer high quality products and impeccable designs, while helping to sustain the economy and create jobs in our community.

Montreal provides the company with a pool of highly-skilled seamstresses. A career seamstress is increasingly rare. We are fortunate to be able to find talented people here at home.

High Demand Collections

Bambou, Athletix, Basix, Koton, Skinz, Natura and Action – these seven men’s underwear collections made in Montreal have met with enormous success among consumers and fashion critics in the U.S., Europe and here at home in Canada. Today, these collections occupy a place of privilege in this highly competitive market.

JM is also behind a very trendy collection of swimwear known as “Waves” as well as a new line of loungewear called “Relax” for men who are seeking comfortable clothing without sacrificing style. Relax is a collection that offers an elegant, masculine and modern look.

The fabrics are soft to the touch, the cuts impeccably tailored and finishes of the highest quality. This is the heart and soul of JM – design excellence achieved through a rigorous attention to detail – an all too rare commodity today in a ready to wear industry that is increasingly focused on making profit over quality.